Adventure Travel To-Do List

To have a successful adventure trip, adventure-junkies need to make more thorough travel plans than normal tourists.

Most of the time, adventure-travelers will be self-sufficient and should be ready for whatever human, natural or wildlife challenge they may encounter. At first, it may seem trivial but they need to know where they are going to find camp-fuel, bear spray or even a shower. Here are a few points to consider before you head out on your journey:

  • Know when you would like to go. - Adventure tours are seasonal in nature. Winter is great for skiing while those same areas offer great hiking in the summer. Know what you want to do and time your trip appropriately. Even temperate and tropical regions have two seasons - the dry or wet season.

  • What do you want to see & do? - A good starting point is to have an idea of what you want to experience on an adventure tour. As you investigate further, stay open-minded to other possibilities as well. For instance, whale watching is a popular sport on the coast but scuba-diving with them is even more exciting! Be open and flexible with your plans as tours can be customized for personal needs and interests.

  • How are you going to get around? - While flying from place to place is relatively straight-forward, ground transportation can be quite stressful. Transportation logistics are different in every location (i.e. different public transportation systems, car-rental policies). Plan ahead to avoid delays, confusion and frustration.

  • Purchase local supplies? - Some supplies will have to be purchased locally since travelling with them is illegal or not practical (i.e. kerosene, large batteries, and perishable foods). Time your arrival appropriately so you can find a local store to stock up on provisions.

  • Research the area. - Each area is unique so try to get some insider information before arriving. For instance, check the schedule of public buses (some don't run every day); find out if shops close early (especially in small towns); learn if public showers may only be available at recreational centers ($$$). These small nuances can affect how smooth your journey will be.

An adventure trip in Canada requires travelers to plan in advance, to prepare for the unexpected and to rely less on chance and the kindness of strangers. Being self-sufficient and prepared can turn an ordinary trip into an extraordinary trip. Happy Travels!

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