Totnes, Devon is a Beautiful Town Loaded With Excitement and Adventure

Totnes - Devon is a market town located on the beautiful river Dart. Totnes's main street is loaded with historically listed buildings which would be a create a great day of exploration.

"Berry Pomeroy Castle" is not for the faint of heart. Today, a glorious ruin, this castle has in interesting history, to say the least. This castle was built near the end of the Thirteenth century by Henry de Pomeroy. It remained in the de Pomeroy family until the late fifteen forties. It then became home to Sir Edward Seymour, brother of Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII. It remained in the Seymour family, until the year 1688, was eventually abandoned, and fell into ruin. This castle has quite an interesting story, and is claimed to be quite haunted. This is an excellent expedition for the very brave...

Canoe adventures is a fun, guided canoe trip, which is suitable for the entire family. These twelve foot canoes, come equipped with everything that you will need for your canoe adventure, including a stop for a barbecue picnic. All lifejackets, paddles picnic gear, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and even a steersman, are included so that you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Canoe adventures encourages small children, and novice boaters, to be included in this fun trip. This company offers many special packages and adventures. This is an excellent opportunity to get the family together for a fantastic day.

"Tudor Totnes Guided Walks" offers a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the history of Totnes. Your period Costumed, guide will take you through a one hour walk, which will bring you back to sixteenth century Totnes. They also offer a "haunted walk", which will point out all the areas, which are home to the many ghosts that are claimed to live here. Private walks are available upon reservation.

There are several very nice restaurants, cafes, and pubs in Totnes. There's even a restaurant dedicated specifically to vegetarians. You will find plenty of hotel accommodations, an excellent shopping.